I was right, for once

March 30, 2011 at 8:35 am (Thinking shift)

It doesn’t happen often.

I’ve always struggled with spelling.  As I became an adult I began to recognize the symptoms that were not seen by my teachers.

I have a very mild form of dyslexia.

I’ve always known that if I’m not careful I will transpose numbers so I have learned to check and double check anytime I’m copying a phone number or item number for what ever reason.

I’ve also come to realize I can’t spell to save my life.  I managed to barely pass spelling in grade school only to have to face spelling tests once again in college. Weird, I know.  But there you have it, spelling tests in my college composition class.  After the first dismal D the teacher accused me of not trying.  I tried to tell her how I can recognize a word is misspelled, it just doesn’t look right, but the more I try to figure out how to correct it the worse the misspelling becomes. Her response? I’m just not studying hard enough.

So I propose an experiment.  For the next week spelling words I would write each word ten times, every night, then have my roommate give me a spelling test.  Every word I got wrong I would write ten more times and bring all the work with me to the next testing day and turn it in to her.  On that test I got an F.  The teacher was confused.  “But you studied so hard, how could you have done worse?”

The dyslexia strikes again.

I told her that I have learned to adapt to my short coming.  In the time before computers and spell check, yes young’uns there was such a time, I always had a dictionary right beside me as I wrote papers. Because, while I couldn’t spell the word correctly, I was always close enough to be able to look it up in the dictionary.   I would then find one of my friends who was a good speller, or in high school my mom, to proof read all my papers.  Mom is the one who would mark a word wrong and not tell me how to spell it but tell me to “go look it up”, hence my fondness for the dictionary.

For the most part I can identify when a word is misspelled, but not always.  Which brings us to my actual point today.  I was right and my super speller husband was wrong.  On my other blog The Worship Warrior (link in sidebar), hubby said I had misspelled a particular word that was used repeatedly in the post Morning Song.  His claim, that Worshiper required two p’s.

My first inclination was to pull up the post and correct my mistake.  It didn’t occur to me that I might actually be right, I so rarely am when the subject is spelling.  However, spell check didn’t say worshiper was wrong and when I added the extra p I got the tell-tale red squiggly line.  So out came my phone and my digital dictionary.  I don’t always trust spell check and frequently turn to my old standby the dictionary.  Sure enough when I typed in worshipper, it came back with “do you mean worshiper”.

So for today, I’m right.

But I won’t let it go to my head.

I’m sure I will misspell something else.


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