Pets Make a House a Home

April 1, 2011 at 8:30 am (Housework) (, , , )


Albeit a messy one, however, children create a lot of mess and we keep them around.  We have at present one dog, Morgan a pit/chow mix; one cat, Honeybear who has just recently been allowed back in the house; and one rat, Kittypig that my son got as his reward for becoming fully potty trained.

We had 3 cats before we had The Boy.  They were all indoor and one, I’m not sure which one, was not happy about the addition of The Boy.  I gave them a few months to try to settle down and adapt, however, the morning I came downstairs and was smacked in the face with the smell of cat urine and saw that The Boys books had been pulled off the shelf and peed on… All three became instant outside cats.

I found a home for Indy, he was a very people person cat so I was really happy to find someone with a 3 seasons room that wanted him for an only cat.  That left two.  They were all happy about being outside and we have a walled in small landing porch upstairs on the back of the house so they had a nice cozy place we fixed up for them to get out of the weather.

Then, last Saturday, my hubby went to let the dog out the back door and found my baby, the cat I saw be born, the one I had for 13 years, dead on the back porch.  He was 13, part maine coon, 35 pounds, diabetic, and my first baby.  I’m still having some trouble coping.

Honeybear became very lonely and started standing at the windows meowing and would come running up and meow his little head off anytime we went outside.  Almost like he was trying to tell us, “Hey, my friends gone and I’m all alone now!”  So we went and bought a litter box, litter, treats, and cat nip.  Yes, I know cat nip is a drug, I want a happy cat, for a while he needs antidepressants, cat nip works.

However, it is becoming quite clear that while he will use the box for urine, we haven’t found any poo in it yet.  Nor have we figured out where in the house he might be doing that.  Hubby has a pretty good sniffer and he hasn’t been able to smell anything.  The cat did go outside for a while yesterday, but not today.

I really hope I don’t have to throw this cat outside again.  I’ve come to love having him purring away on my feet as I do my morning Bible Study.

Morgan and Honeybear seem to be coming to terms with sharing the house.  Actually, the anxiety is all on the cats part, Morgan couldn’t care less what the cat does or where he goes.  She’s just laid back like that.  Honeybear is fascinated with the rat, can’t imagine why, thankfully the rat lives in The Boys room and that door is usually closed so we don’t have to worry about the cat “liberating” the rat.

All in all I like having animals in the house.  I have lived without and I don’t like it.

However, do you think it’s possible to train one of them, I don’t really care which one, but one of them to vacuum  up all the pet hair that tends to collect along the walls?




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