Didn’t I Just Feed You Yesterday?

April 5, 2011 at 6:37 am (Cooking) (, , )

Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook.  I just don’t like to HAVE to cook.  I like to cook when the mood strikes me.  Not because it’s another day and my family needs to eat. 

I’ve tried the whole meal plan for the week, shop accordingly.  Frankly, I get bored.  I lack imagination as I sit down to write out the plan and tend to fall on the same old, same old.  Meal planning doesn’t work for everyone.

What I have found that works for me is a well stocked pantry and freezer.  If I have things on hand to experiment I’m more likely to cook more often.

I think the reason the whole meal planning thing doesn’t work for me is that I almost never cook from a recipe.  Even when I find a new one on one of the blogs or magazines I read, I may only follow it exactly once.  From then on, I play with it.

The other hindrance I have to cooking is a picky 3-almost-4 year-old, and the fact that I recently had gastric bypass.  It’s really hard to cook for what amounts to 1.5 servings.  Add to that a husband who is trying to get a handle on portion control and lose weight himself and there’s a lot to work around.

Most days I throw something in the crock pot before I run out the door for the day.  I keep pork roast and beef roasts cut into one pound sections and vacu-sealed in the freezer.  We don’t do as much chicken as we used to, because chicken doesn’t always sit well on my new post surgery tummy.  I’m one of the odd ones in that beef is easier for me to digest.

So I’m working on the whole cooking thing.  With our busy schedule there are days that are just eat out days.  We live 45 min from any good-sized town and a trip to the store includes an hour and a half of driving.  Therefore, we tend to combine lots of errands into one big long trip.  No running home for dinner.

How about you?  Do you do the menu planning thing?  Just wing it?  Order take out?


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