Control Issues

April 6, 2011 at 5:25 am (Thinking shift) (, , )


So the other day, I was walking through the house, minding my own business, when Hubby decides he wants to do an experiment.  (eye roll)  So off into the living room we go.

Next thing I know, I’m being swept off my feet in a princess carry.

Then he puts me into a fireman’s carry position and claims, “You know, if needed, I think I could carry you like this and The Boy under the other arm”.

Oh lets not have any reason to test that theory!  The only legitimate reason I can think of is a house fire and I’m unconscious.  Please God NO.

However, this whole experiment brings up a whole other issue for me.  I hate to be out of control.  I am now small enough that my Hubby can just pick me up and carry me off somewhere.  I’m not real sure how I feel about that.

On the one hand, I completely trust my Hubby.  I know that he would never force me to go or do anything I wasn’t in total agreement with.

On the other hand, HE CAN PICK ME UP AND PUT ME WHERE HE WANTS ME!  That’s more than a little scary for a control freak like me.

Even in my drinking days, I never got Drunk because I didn’t want to not be in control.  Buzzed, happy juicy, but not out of control drunk.

I guess this is just another area where I need to re-evaluate my thinking.  I know I’m safe with my Hubby.  Now to get my control freak emotions to realize that….




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