Bedtime Routine

April 8, 2011 at 8:42 am (Uncategorized)


Routine is good.  Kids thrive on routine.  That’s what all the books say.  Then why when you have one set up does it only take ONE TIME of a monkey wrench to throw the whole thing out of whack?

We have a bedtime routine.  The bedtime routine was the one I got on top of early and kept at it.  I get up early and so I like to go to bed early, so the only time Hubby (who is a night owl) and I have together, alone, is in those precious 2 hours between getting The Boy in bed and when I turn into a pumpkin.

Our usual routine goes something like this.

5pm Dinner
6pm Bath
6:30-45 Books
7pm Rock-you (his very cute baby term) 2-4 songs
In his own bed by 7:30 hopefully asleep or close too it.

Wednesday we have our family Bible study small group.  It’s a 45 min drive.  It starts at 6:30.  You of course see the problem.  It is 9:30 before we get home.  The Boy usually falls asleep in the car and we can just carry him upstairs to bed, rock a few minutes and he’s back out.  However, sometimes that’s a power nap in the car and he’s ready to be up for a few hours, or even worse, he doesn’t fall asleep in the car and is so beyond tired by the time we get home it’s like he’s on speed.  I’m so very thankful that on those nights Hubby takes care of it and I head off to bed myself because I wake up at 4:30 no matter what time I go to bed.

Thursdays are usually harder because having been up later on Wednesday, even though he doesn’t sleep in and he doesn’t take a nap on Thursday, he fights the routine.  Starting with dinner, Hubby leaves around 5 to go to his men’s group (I have ladies group on Tuesday) so it’s just The Boy and I for dinner.  I try to do something he will like and I have leftovers or just a powerbar if I’m not that hungry.  No matter what I fix, even if he asked for it just 10 min earlier, he now doesn’t want it.  Bath time, he doesn’t want a bath, I insist because I know the next step in that parade is getting upset at bedtime that he now wants a bath.  Then I have trouble getting him out of the bath on time.  You’ll notice we give him 45 min in the bath.  Plenty of time to play.  Books become and issue, he wants 20, Mommy is willing to read 3-4 plus a Bible story.  Every single time I have to threaten to just leave him in his room without praying or rocking or Bible story just to stop the stomping screaming, “I want THIS book” fit.  Finally, get to rock-you and the child is certain that if his eye’s are open his mouth should be also.  He won’t hush up!  Four songs later, he’s in bed, I pray 3-4 times (the last time is his favorite as I place my hand on his head, bounce it on the pillow slightly and pray, “Dear Jesus, help The Boy GO-TO-SLEEP!”) and then I leave the room.  He’s usually still banging around in there when I go to bed.

Of course, since I wrote all the above this afternoon, being your typical 3 year-old, he had to make a liar out of me.  He ate dinner, he gleefully took a bath, got out on time, only asked for one extra book (which I did because he wasn’t throwing a fit) we did have a little melt down over a second Bible story (that boy loves to hear him some Bible stories) and fell asleep in my arms by the 4th song.  He did wake up enough to mumble something about wanting another prayer as I was laying him in bed.  But hey, I got to eat dinner in peace, do some Bible reading myself, and finish this.  All in all, a good night.




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