Toy Control?

April 9, 2011 at 5:54 am (Uncategorized)

Is there any such thing as toy control or is it an oxymoron?    I’ve tried the shelves, the big bin, several little bins, baskets, a small dresser…. lots of different things.  Currently we have a train table with 2 underbed bins on wheels that fit under the table side by side.  They were organized into one for Thomas and one for Hot wheels.  But we have out grown the one bin with the Hot Wheels and some of those fancy tracks take up more room and don’t fit under the table.  Also, we have expanded from the Take-N-Play Thomas and are now also wanting the Trackmaster Thomas set, it runs on batteries and the trains move by themselves.  So I will be going to look for a bigger bin for all the Hot Wheels cr…. paraphernalia. and then the 2 bins under the train table will both contain, are you ready for it…. TRAINS.  What a novel idea. 

I’m trying to limit grandparents and all to the 3 things he really plays with, the trains (of course), Hot Wheels, and Lego/k’nex.  Oi, the Lego/K’nex mess.  I’ve given up trying to keep them separate, they now have pieces that connect them together anyway so what’s the point.

His bedroom holds the over flow.  I really need Hubby to take him out to a park or something so I can attack all the toys, and weed out the ones he doesn’t play with, are cheap happy meal toys, and I can go through the books…

Oh the books, that’s a whole story all it’s own.  The Boy loves him some books.  He comes by in naturally.  Mommy and Daddy and Grandparents on both sides are all book lovers.  We model reading and read nightly to him.  Right now, most of his books are in a big pile in and around the under the bed bin (they have many more uses than their name suggests) that I did have all the books organized in.  I need to go through and do that again.

I’ll post pics as I go through all of this.

Too bad I didn’t get it done this week I could have linked up with simple mom and their clutter buster hot spots they’ve been doing this last month.



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