Trying to Recycle

April 15, 2011 at 6:17 am (Housework) (, , )

Supposedly, we recycle in our community.  I dutifully have 2 big bags hanging in my pantry that I separate out plastic and bottles and cans into.  We tend toward donating our cans to the local kids whenever there is a can drive (note to self, it’s this weekend)  or if our friend who is a single mom and in college comes to visit I tell her if she will just take them off the back porch and turn them in she can have the money.

The big bag of recyclable plastic is taken out and put on the curb on garbage day to be picked up.  The thing that annoys me about the whole process is that the pick up is so inconsistent.

One week, the garbage guys will put a sticker on that says “contains recyclables”  (duh, it’s a bag of plastic) but because there is now that bright orange sticker on the bag the recycle guys assume it’s a bag of garbage that hasn’t been sorted properly and they won’t take it either. So we wait until the next week, peel off the sticker and try again.

Or take last week.  Garbage pail with bags of garbage, one recycle bag off to the side.  Recycling  comes by and leaves the bag, garbage truck comes by, takes the garbage and the clear plastic bag full of plastic recyclables.

I give up!  I can’t figure them out, but at least I know we are doing what we are supposed to be doing even if it does mean extra clutter in my pantry.


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