One of Those Days

April 30, 2011 at 10:17 am (Uncategorized)

It’s started out as one of Those days.

I overslept, understandably, as we were out late last night for my Birthday dinner and a concert.

Before my coffee was finished brewing The Boy, who was also up late playing with the babysitter, was up and whiny.

Hubby needed to go get some parts for the car and needed to have me test drive my car he just fixed, so everyone went to the store.

The Boy was good until the new matchbox sized dump truck fell out of everyone’s reach in the car… more whining.

Upon returning home, The Boy decides he MUST be the first one to walk down the sidewalk to the house, not daddy… more whining.

As he is passing daddy, he misjudges the bags daddy is carrying, running right into them and knocking himself down and splitting his lip.

Now there is crying AND whining.  More drama over cars left in the car then cars left in the house and mommy is about to run into the woods screaming.

Right now, daddy is working on the car, The Boy is outside playing and mommy is seriously thinking about taking a much-needed birthday nap…..

Never mind, The Boy just came in crying.


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