I Want To Run Away

June 10, 2011 at 7:45 am (Uncategorized)

I’m considering taking a weekend off.  We have a camp ground in the area that has cabins.  I’m thinking of booking one for a whole weekend, just for me.  Take my coffee pot, some protein bars and shakes, my Bible and some worship music.

I feel like I’m a big balloon full of anger and it doesn’t take much for me to pop.  I don’t like living that way, I need some time of refreshing and to allow God to deal with whatever the root cause of this anger is.

I think if we were all more honest with ourselves, we’d all agree we need time to recharge.  That looks different for each of us, but we all must allow God to pour into us if we are going to keep pouring out.  I think my need for a whole weekend stems from many years of not taking those small refreshing breaks.  Many years of pushing down the anger that rose up in many little situations.  Not dealing with things God would bring to the surface.  It’s time to deal with them.  Truly deal with them.  Before I explode all over some unsuspecting person who pokes me with a sharp stick.



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  1. Dr. Wm J. Hurst said,

    Time to be refreshed and reflect and cleanse the spirit is important. For each of us it takes a different form. If you can do it by getting alone with God for a weekend, then by all means take the time. Even Jesus went all night into the mountain to pray and did not take His disciples who were usually
    with him 24/7.

    If you do it, guard the time jealously as if getting alone with someone you rarely see and whose time is important to you. Be blessed, get rest, be refreshed in His presence.

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