No Umption

June 24, 2011 at 5:15 pm (Uncategorized)

I woke up this morning, honestly I was slightly hung over.  After having Gastric Bypass last October, I haven’t had much alcohol.  It’s not recommended right after surgery and I honestly wasn’t that big of a drinker pre-surgery.  But lately, hubby and I have been venturing into the world of wine.

Up until last night, I was very careful to keep to one small glass at one time.  Last night, Jim went up to do some stuff on the computer while I watched Big Bang Theory (he’s not a fan of sitcoms) and finished the 2 lines left on a baby blanket I was crocheting.  Baby blanket done and that’s another half-finished project I’ve picked up and finished recently, Woo Hoo!

So there I sat, finishing my blanket with an empty wine glass, I’d had one glass, and there was wine left in the bottle…

One glass, I barely feel any effects

One and a half glasses, I’m feeling good, enjoying wine and not drunk but happy juicy.

Two glasses, I had to text Jim to come help me up the stairs.  Now I know.

So today, I didn’t feel like doing much, and yet I got a lot done!


Cardboard neatly stacked on the back porch by the garbage.

Kitchen and dinning room vacuumed.

Kitchen cleaned up twice, dishes done.

A cake/cobbler baked.

Ranch cucumber onion salad made

one load of laundry washed/dried (still in the dryer)

quilt material ironed and separated into projects

lunch and dinner served

The Boy showered and cleaned up after he played in his sandbox for a few hours.

Oh and a blog post written and posted.

So a very productive day.


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