July 11, 2011 at 8:56 pm (Gratituesday, Housework)

One of the things I’m truly thankful for as I sit looking around at all the clutter that I’ve been meaning to get to this last week, is my very down to earth, understanding Mother in law.

We leave tomorrow afternoon to pick her up.  I’m so thankful that a clean kitchen (check), clean linen (check), and a clean bathroom (on list for tomorrow) are really all she expects.

She remembers what it’s like with a toddler/small boy, she raised 2.

She gets that stuff piles up in your life and until you have a large  chunk of time to devote to weeding through and trowing things out, it just sits there waiting and collecting more stuff.

I’m really thankful knowing that while she is here, she will help with the day to day keeping of the house so that I can do the weeding out.

I’m just really thankful for my Mother in Law.

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