June 28, 2011 at 6:35 am (Uncategorized)

Yesterday, my son and I took a road trip with a wrought iron sleigh bed strapped to the top of my 2000 Buick Rondevue.  We had some friends who wanted the bed frame, we wanted out of our house, I’m ALWAYS up for a road trip and this one was only about 2 hours, it was a win-win.

My car has issues.

1.  A few years ago the motor on the driver side window broke, the window is taped in place with purple duct tape.

2. The driver side door has other problems, you can’t use the handle to shut the door, you must use the edge up by the window.

3. The air conditioning is temperamental, it works when it feels like it which is lots of fun when coupled with issue #1.

4. There is no emergency brake, the brake cable broke a few weeks ago and Dear Hubby hasn’t fixed it yet.

5. The ABS is currently not working, broken sensor according to DH, which means that the all-wheel drive doesn’t work.  DH promises to get it fixed before winter when I’ll need it.

6. It’s started this popping noise when you crank the wheel for a tight turn.

7. I’ve been telling DH that the exhaust has gotten louder, I was sure there was a hole in the system somewhere.

Despite all this, DH and I decided the road trip was a good idea.

I know this doesn’t sound very gratituesdayish (is that a word) but stay with me.

The trip was going well, The Boy had fallen asleep, I had a new music album to listen to, John Mark McMillan “The Medicine”, I was enjoying my day….

Then the exhaust got REALLY loud.  Thankfully I was only about 20 min from our destination.

Once we got there, I got out of the car and bent over to look at the under carriage.

This is what I saw…..

What I am thankful for today is….

1. The fact that it happened just 20 min from where I needed to be.

2. I found a Monro Muffler shop just 3.7 mile away.

3. Said Monro was open until 7 pm, it was after 5pm.

4. The wonderful men at Monro were able to patch my exhaust back together with a new pipe to get me home today.

5. Just across a parking lot and empty lot, within easy walking was a Pizza Hut and an ice cream shop to feed and entertain The Boy.

6. The friends I was moving the bed for had an extra room with 2 twin beds for my son and I to sleep in.

7. There is a Dunkin Donuts close by so I could get some coffee.

8. The guys at Monro told me that as low as the muffler was hanging, it could have caught on a pot hole and been pushed beck through my gas tank.  SO THANKFUL that didn’t happen.

It was fun watching them try to get the car up on the lift.  The muffler hanging down kept getting caught on the rack and another man had to use a broom handle to reach under and hold it up as they drove the car on the lift.

In a few hours we will get in the car and drive the 2 hours home.  I’m thankful for God’s protection on the way down and I know He will protect us on the way home.

Then, DH will work toward getting it all fixed up for me because the next trip we take with it will be this Thanksgiving as we drive from Upstate New York to Arizona to spend the holidays with our family.  It must be in good working order by then.

Join us for Gratituesday at Heavenly Homemakers!


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  1. Becky@OrganizingMadeFun said,

    Wow! Your car DOES have issues! Praise God for his kindness in the small things He does to remind us He’s in control!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

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